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[Request] Source code of wive-ng-dsl/acorp (W422G, etc.)


I tried your Acorp LAN110_v2 firmware on my modem (which is a different model but similar hardware) and it worked great. But my modem has WiFi (RTL8188CE) and this firmware doesn't support it. Unfortunately my modem flash is only 2MB and I can't use the already built images.

Where can I find the source code for the wifi model (the one you used to build for W422G or W510N) ?

Please help me because the original firmware of my modem drops pppoe connection.

Thank you


sorry to inform you that we don't have these source codes anymore . An oldest one Wive we have is RTNL . More, there was no 8188 support anyway ('cause it had been released several years after 8187 for which the firmware gad been developed).

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